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Meilleur taux de satisfaction clientèle

News 20/02/2014 14:58

JM a les clients les plus satisfaits pour la cinquième année consécutive.

Pour la cinquième année consécutive, JM a les clients les plus satisfaits dans l'industrie du développement résidentiel neuf. 

Aujourd'hui, JM a reçu le prix pour avoir les clients les plus satisfaits en 2013.  Selon l'enquête menée par Prognoscentret, le CSI de JM (indice de satisfaction de la clientèle) était de 77 points sur un total possible de 100.

"Receiving this distinction for the fifth consecutive year is incredibly impressive; the award demonstrates that JM's dialog with customers when developing housing is excellent. The distinction is an incentive for us to continue working hard to remain a leader in the residential development industry. I would also like to emphasize that this would not have been possible without our talented employees," concludes Johan Skoglund, President of JM.

The survey was conducted by Prognoscentret AB, an independent market research company that focuses on the construction industry in the Nordic countries. For the fifth consecutive year, Prognoscentret has gauged customer satisfaction in the residential development industry on behalf of the leading players in the industry.

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